My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels

As a lot of you, I’m sure, YouTube has become a database of knowledge over the years. I can spend hours and hours watching videos of girls doing their makeup, showing their makeup collections, skin care routines, outfits of the day, hair tutorials, etc. I have even made it as far as watching gaming videos – once you go on YouTube, finding your way out can be hard.

I thought I would list my favourite YouTube channels, my inspirations, and the people responsible for me not being able to stay on a budget:

1. Zoella

I started watching Zoella a couple of years ago – I also watch MoreZoella, her vlogging channel. What first pulled me in was how relatable she seemed. One of the first videos I watched, was her on camera opening up about her anxiety issues, and I admired her strength to put herself out there in front of millions of people (her main channel has over 11 million subscribers), braving the endless thread of comments of people criticizing her and judging her, but she still did it and left it up for the world to see. As her name grows, her access to high-end brands makes her a little less relatable, but she still makes sure to cater to the audience and include beauty products affordable to most.

2. Kathleen Lights

I only recently stumbled upon Kathleen’s channel and I absolutely love her! She takes herself a little bit less seriously than other YouTubers and I really enjoy watching her chatty get readys. I think in a way I relate to her because she has Hispanic roots, and they’re very noticeable in the way she talks and her mannerisms, and there aren’t many Hispanic YouTubers that I enjoy watching or that I’ve added to my YouTube routine. Much like Zoella, she makes sure to use a variety of products both drugstore and high-end, making sure she targets all the demographics. She recently reached 3 million subscribers and I was surprised as I thought it was much more than that. Her list of collaborations include Colourpop and Morphe.

3. Safiya

I first encountered Safiya in a Ladylike video where she is constantly featured as part of her job at Buzzfeed. I believe she tried to do YouTube a while back but never continued until now, she has become a lot more present and produced content more frequently. The main thing I like about her, is her style. I think we do our makeup very similarly, neither one of us quite sure about what we’re doing, and both OBSESSED with lipstick. She’s the kind of person that I strongly believe if we met in real life we would get along.

4. Tanya Burr

I enjoy watching Tanya’s videos, but I think out of the list above, I have the hardest time relating to her. While doing some YouTube research, I found out that Tanya is actually a makeup artist, but even though her videos are really good, they don’t stand out to me from the ones above. There’s nothing special or different, and I actually have a harder time recreating her looks. Unlike the others, she uses a lot of high-end brands and only some drugstore here and there, but I still enjoy watching her videos – some of her non-makeup related ones are really good as well!

5. Niomi Smart

Niomi is another British YouTuber in the same range as Zoella and Tanya. Her channel, however, and expanded from beauty to healthy tips for a healthy lifestyle. What I enjoy the most, are her collaborations with other YouTubers and it always looks like she’s having a great time. Not too long ago, I saw a video of her and Fleur De Force and you could tell that they hadn’t met before – or at least didn’t know each other too well – but it wasn’t awkward at all and it gave me the opportunity to learn about other YouTubers like Fleur, who I hadn’t stumbled upon before.

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