February Birchbox



It’s here! The time of the month a lot of beauty-obsessed girls wait for. The arrival of our monthly beauty box subscription. I tried Ipsy a while ago and was subscribed to it for a while, at least a year and a half, but I never felt I got good stuff or products I really enjoyed. I have been subscribed to Birchbox for about six months now and I love it! One of the huge benefits is that you can purchase a lot of beauty products on the website and you earn points that turn into credit every time you make a purchase and submit a review. The only frustrating part is going on Instagram and seeing that Birchbox subscriptions in other countries are SO much better, but oh well, we’ll have to settle for now and hope the U.S. gets on their level.

These are the products I received in my box this month:

Tinted Wonder Eye Cream 

Cucumber seed soothes, hyaluronic acid hydrates, and vitamins promote anti-aging in this light-reflecting eye cream. Use your pinki to pat cream around the eyes morning and night.

I am not quite sure what a tinted eye cream does, buuuut after doing some reading I found out it’s supposed to help with under eye circles and waking up with a more refreshed look. I’ve never used anything to take care of my eye area, unless it’s an eyeshadow primer, so I am excited to give this a try and see what it can do to improve my overall look. The tinted aspect of it confuses me and I am curious to see if it will reduce my need to use concealer or if it’s going to affect the way my concealer looks at all. It feels good on my hand, it has an interesting smell but that has become normal in most skincare products.


Protect & Detangle 

The best-selling elixir locks in color, protects from heat damage, and adds silkiness to each strand. Hold it 4-6 inches away from roots and spray on towel-dried hair.

The ONLY reason why I am not super excited about this, is because I’ve received a lot of hair products in the last few months. A lot of dry shampoos, texturizers, heat protectants, and even though they’re really useful and come in handy when traveling and trying out new hair styles, I wish I would stop getting them for a couple of months and get more beauty products. The fact that it acts as a detangler makes me happy because my hair has been getting really knotted lately (side effects of balayage) and I want to see if this will help even in the slightest bit.


Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm

This natural formula completely rehydrates skin and lips, soothes sunburns, tames unruly brows, and nourishes thirsy cuticles. Apply to dry lips and other areas of body as needed.

This was my custom pick for this month. The only disappointing thing is how tiny the sample is. I know it’s supposed to be travel size, but it frustrates me when the sample is so little there’s not even enough product for you to try it multiple times. I have really dry lips, mainly because I wear a lot of matte lipstick and also because I pick on my lip when I’m bored, stressed, anxious, nervous…… So it’s a vicious cycle I’m still trying to get out of – if anyone has ANY tips on how to stop picking on it please leave a comment telling me your secret! A couple of first impressions- there’s even less product in the tub than I thought there would be, most of the packaging is filled up with air. It is also very sticky and thick, not being a fan of glosses, I am not sure if I’ll like this.


PBJ Smoothie Stick – Saucy Marsala

This nourishing lip crayon contains almond buttrer and goji berry (which are rich in Vitamin E) to protect lips while providing long-lasting moisture and color.

The last product – there’s one more but it’s a fragrance sample…. does that really count? is a lip product! For the month of February, Birchbox was advertising a lot of lip products because of St. Valentine’s Day so I was expecting more lip samples in my box. This smells REALLY good. You know when you’re little and you have all these fruity lip glosses or lip balms and you had to stop yourself from eating them all? The Smoothie Stick is like that. The only downside, I have experience that is hard to get an even application with crayons. We’ll see how it goes.


Finally, a fragrance sample…. it smells. End of it.

Let me know if you’re subscribed as well and the products you got!

P.S. If you feel like signing up after reading this… click here.



6 thoughts on “February Birchbox

  1. Hi! I was trying to reply to your comment on my Sephora Play post, and instead of hitting shift, I hit S and that made it go to spam! Ugh! I’m so sorry! But I had Birchbox for about six months, and it was really hit or miss for me, and I never shopped on the Birchbox website. With Sephora, I shop there all the time, so it’s easier to pick up the products from the box if I loved them. But I like trying out new things, so playing around with different subscription boxes is always fun! I hope you enjoy your box when you get it! xoxo

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    1. I’ve gotten a couple of things from the birchbox store, mainly hair products and when I can have them ship with my box for free. That’s why I think Sephora might be a little better but from what I’ve seen the samples are really small. I guess I’m asking too much for $10 haha

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