20 Facts About Me…


  1. My name is Maria Alejandra
  2. My favorite color is pink – any shade of pink
  3. I’m originally from Colombia but I’ve been in the U.S. for almost five years
  4. I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in English and Communication with a minor in Creative Writing
  5. If you couldn’t already tell – I’m obsessed with makeup
  6. Social Anxiety sometimes takes over me and doing things like this are hard
  7. My natural hair color is dull brown, boring brown, not exciting brown
  8. My eyes are a very dark brown, sometimes black depending on lighting
  9. I don’t have any tattoos but I do have both my ears pierced and two additional piercings in one of my lobes
  10. I am currently an Account Coordinator in an agency in San Antonio, TX
  11. Austin, TX is one of my favorite cities
  12. I’ve never been to NYC or LA
  13. The first time I went to Chicago was during Spring and I hated the cold wind cause it made my ears hurt
  14. My biggest fear is people forgetting about me – or having a disease like Alzheimer’s
  15. I have no memory of eating a vegetable
  16. The first time I tried Pizza was February, 2015 and it became my one true love, it was love at first sight (only pepperoni pizza though!)
  17. Fries and Steak are my favorite meal
  18. I love Coke but I do my best to not drink it too often
  19. I drink water. A lot of water. And I actually think it has a lot of benefits and people should do it more
  20. I have an older brother and loving, caring parents I miss a lot


Tell me some things about you!

P.S. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should!

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