NYX Matte Liquid Liner Review


I recently read a blog, or saw an Instagram post, or dreamt it, or I don’t know, but something told me I should try out NYX Matte Liquid Liner so I did because I listed to the higher power when it tells me I should buy more makeup, but only then. Only recently I’ve started really experimenting with eyeliner and winged eyeliner after attending a Sephora Beauty Class (post on this coming soon!), but I usually go for those felt tip eyeliners in the drugstore just because in my head that looks like it would be pretty simple – you know, how hard can it be to draw a line with Sharpie, right? – lies. They suck and I just can’t do it. They never have much bend so it’s hard to make the felt tip mold to my eye and my eyelid.

Soooo after the voice in my head told me to try this out I said why not?! They recently opened a NYX store in San Antonio so it was one more reason to go and check it out. The store is great and it’s nice to be able to see all their products in one place. I wasn’t crazy about it, they’re trying to go for a Sephora vibe but to me, Sephora is and will be the one and only beauty store where all your dreams come true. Other than that, you can get any NYX product, test them (which is a big plus since usually at stores like Target there are no testers), and buy them.


Since I am only learning the art of winged eyeliner, I’m not going to lie and say everything went on smoothly and it was a dream come true, because it wasn’t. I got frustrated, I ended up freely drawing on my face out of frustration, I erased the wing a million times, and I kept trying and trying until I finally achieved an okay wing. Okay it was a little better than okay. I did find it so much easier with this product than all the other ones I’ve tried before and that made me so happy! The pigmentation is also amazing and I didn’t have to go over it a million times – which is usually how I end up screwing up – and it stayed all-day-long. I visited the Botanical Garden and it was hot and I was sweating and it didn’t budge. It didn’t transfer into my eyelid or started dripping down my face. I was very impressed.

If you’re like me and have stuck to the felt tip liners, I highly recommend you give this a go! It’s affordable and that makes it a good first investment before trying a similar high-end product.


FullSizeRender 2
not the best quality picture, but this was in 80 degree weather (almost 30 degrees celsius) and just thought I’d show you my not so crappy work


Let me know if you’ve tried this before and what you think about it! Do you have any other recommendations for me to try? Don’t forget to like and leave a comment below!


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11 thoughts on “NYX Matte Liquid Liner Review

  1. This is my fav liquid liner of all time!!! So glad you found it and liked it as well 🙂 I’ve tried the KVD, Stila, NYC, Essence, and a bunch of others that are popular “holy grails” but the NYX one is the only one that works for me. I have like 3 backups lol

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  2. I haven’t tried NYX yet but I’ve heard so many good things about it. My favourite eyeliner is one I bought at CVS while I was visiting my friend in the states. It’s from a brand called Physicians Formula and it contains serum. Anyway, it’s sooo easy to apply in almost one go! I’ve never experienced this with other brands but I like trying new things 🙂 great post!!

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