Simple Glam Girls Oval Brushes Review

I recently received the invitation to try out the Simple Glams Girls Oval Brushes by making an order and only paying for shipping. Since I’ve been wanting to try oval brushes like these for a while, I said why not! They looked lovely online and there have been featured by a lot of girls on Instagram, it took a couple of weeks for them to arrive, but once they got here I was really excited! The set I received is the 10pc Lush Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brushes. They’re so pretty and soft I didn’t want to test them and taint them with foundation. But it had to be done.

FullSizeRender 4

I tried to test most of them, the bigger ones are definitely useful to blend out the foundation and they’re really good for that purpose. I think I really just need to practice more when using them for concealer and some of the things that need more precision like contouring. Overall, I’ve been using them mostly for foundation as they save me a lot of time when I’ve overslept and need to get to work. I apply the product straight to the brush and then make a couple of streak on each of my cheeks and my forehead to spread the product around. And then I just go at it with circular motions and it’s soooo nice and soft.

When trying some of the smaller brushes to i.e. blend concealer on my nose (you know that vertical line to highlight the area a bit), the brush doesn’t really blend it out, it leaves streak lines and if I try to use one of the bigger brushes it kind of extends beyond the line and I feel like it just makes my nose look bigger. Again, can be blamed on my inexperience. I don’t have anything to compare these to, as I haven’t tried any of the higher-end brands like Iconic London where a set of 6 retails for almost $100.00 and the presentation of the product is flawless.

It has definitely let me see the benefit of applying product using this type of brushes and maybe I’ll try a different brand in the near future just to have a comparison. Have you tried any kind of oval brushes before?

If you want to give these a go, you can use my 20% coupon code on their website Simple Glam Girls: ‘MariiaCano’



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