We Are Base Beauty Diamond Blender Review

I was recently contacted by a company called Base Beauty and they offered me the opportunity of trying out their Diamond Blender for the cost of shipping. I did something similar for Simple Glam Girls and tried out their Oval Brushes. I understand the Internet is a crazy scary place, and that there are a lot of scammers out there. So far, I am happy that these have turned out to be legit offers. Still, if you’re ever offered something like this, research the name of the company, if they’re asking you to enter your payment information straight into their website (not services like Amazon or PayPal) then maybe you should reconsider. Look for them on Instagram, read comments from people that have participated before, reach out to them, etc. Just be safe and smart about it.

This time around, Base Beauty offered me a coupon to try their Diamond Blender, a silicone sponge to apply makeup. In their Amazon listing, they say it is a top quality product made from the highest medical-grade silicone. They also claim it provides a flawless application and it is easy to clean. Even though the hype around silisponges has died down, I still was dying to try one of these out so I said yes!

There is definitely a learning curve with this product. Beauty blenders and brushes absorb some of the product so you’re used to using more than you actually need. When using the Diamond Blender, nothing gets absorbed, everything goes on your face. For that reason, I do think it’s a great tool to avoid wasting foundation or any other liquid product you use. Since you’re used to using more product, at first, it will be hard getting used to this because it feels like it’s not blending or doing anything. This is because you used too much.

Since I am still learning, I have been pairing this with a regular beauty blender to remove some of the excesses off my face. I particularly don’t like the feeling of foundation on my face, so these two together have been great for me! I get to save product, but I can also blend it out and make sure it doesn’t look cakey.

Have you tried these before? I am still a Beauty Blender fan, but it was fun to try something new!

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2 thoughts on “We Are Base Beauty Diamond Blender Review

  1. I’ve been wanting to try one of the silisponges since I first saw them but there have been so many I wouldn’t know which to choose. I’m similar with the feeling of foundation putting me off and it’s one of the main reasons why I like the beauty blender style sponges but it sounds like they actually work well together.


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