A Series of Disappointing Products

Hello again! Another Monday, another post. This time, I will be listing some disappointing products that I’ve tried recently and some all-time disappointments that keep making their way into my makeup collection.

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I will start this post with Benefit Cosmetics’ POREfessional Face Primer. I really don’t understand why I keep getting samples of this from every subscription service. I know it has been considered a “holy grail” by many, but I hate the texture of it, whenever I apply it my skin feels kinda dirty and I actually think it can a bit oily at times. The product description on the Sephora website claims it “so translucent, no one will know you’re wearing anything,” I don’t think this to be the case, as the primer definitely has a nude tint to it and I am sure in darker skin tones it wouldn’t be considered translucent.

Next on the list, is another primer that I think gets pushed down everyone’s throats, and it is the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. The texture of this primer is very similar to the POREfessional one, and I think that silicone feeling is what puts me off both of these primers. I am more of a moisturizer type of person.  I do have dry skin and these primers I think intensify that feeling of dryness while also making my skin look oily…. I know, very confusing.

The third product is the Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask that I received in a Sephora Play! Box a while back. I read reviews on the Sephora website before trying it out, mainly because I wanted to make sure it was safe to apply to dyed hair. This product has a lot of shitty reviews. A lot. And I definitely agree with most of them. I decided to not apply too much product on my hair and also didn’t leave it as much time as it said since a lot of people claimed it dried out their hair even more, and I was not interested in this happening to me. When I’ve tried other conditioners or hair masks, I immediately feel my hair a lot smoother, and just an instant change that remains even after I wash it out. In this case, the reviews on the Sephora website were right. It did not feel nice at all. It made my hair even more tangled and I wasn’t feeling it at all.

MILK MAKEUP Blur Stick is another product I received in my Sephora Play! Box, and I honestly don’t understand what this is supposed to do. I tried applying it in multiple ways, pressing it, sliding it, etc., and it didn’t do anything. I never felt like there was any product on my skin. Has anyone tried this before and liked it? I am very curious to know.

Last on this list, and a product I was really excited about, is the NYX Tres Jolie Pencil Liner. Kathleen Lights RAVES about this product, she’s obsessed with it, and she says it’s a great eyeliner for the waterline because it glides on so smoothly. I don’t know if I got a defective one, but this eyeliner is so dry it hurts trying to apply it on my waterline. The last time I decided to give this a go, it hurt so bad and didn’t even try it that much. It dragged on my skin and it was horrible. I hate it. I love Kathleen Lights and I think her reviews are pretty honest, so I was so disappointed when this didn’t work on me.

That’s it for this installment of A Series of Disappointing Beauty Products, I will continue to do these as I encounter products I really don’t enjoy. Honestly, I am not a very picky person when it comes to makeup so these posts might not happen too frequently.

What have been some disappointing products you’ve tried recently?

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10 thoughts on “A Series of Disappointing Products

  1. Ugh so sad you had this experience. I’ve tried Benefit’s pore product as well, but it was only a sample. Something I would never buy. Loved this entry. I just found your blog today and I’m definitely following to keep up with the rest of your content. Looking forward to your future posts!
    Stop by sometime,
    Mena | femmerewritten.com 🌷

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  2. I’ve used the POREfessional only a handful of times and never thought it was anything special. It didn’t do much except sit on top of the skin.
    I’ve never tried the NYX liner, but my sister was a huge fan of it because of Kathleen. She said it was the best liner ever. I think she went through two and eventually purchased a third. It ended up being exactly how you described it to be. I think they might have changed the formula, which is disappointing because the way Kathleen and my sister described it sounded like the perfect liner. Hopefully they go back to the old formula!

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    1. That’s probably it! Kathleen was so obsessed with it I either got a defective one or they changed the formula. It was so rough on my waterline but I wanted it to work so badly 😭 Thanks for reading!! 💕


  3. Great post! I haven’t really used any of these products yet except for the Benefit POREfessional Face Primer. You are right! It’s so easy to get samples of this in any beauty shop. I have like 3 of them but I didn’t see any difference the first time I tried so it’s just sitting there… LOL x


    1. I think that’s why they haven’t worked for me. I don’t have oily skin at all but for some reason I keep getting smashbox primers in my subscriptions. I’m thinking of trying the too faced hangover primer as I believe is silicone free.


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